Welcome!  Every child is unique. By using what we learn about who that child is, how they learn, and what they love, we can help accomplish their communication goals. We are committed to providing our patients and their families with the highest quality of services.

We hope this website answers your questions regarding the care we provide. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.

"My son began speech therapy with Suzan when he was two years old. He had difficulty communicating and would become easily frustrated. We had been to other speech therapists. But, when my son began seeing with Suzan his progress was immediate. It was clear from his first session that Suzan was an expert. Not only did she get my son to communicate- she was engaging the entire time. What sets Suzan apart is her intuition. She was able to pinpoint exactly what would get my son to verbalize and communicate. She build a trusting relationship with my son which allowed him to feel comfortable and valued. Through regular sessions with Suzan my son flourished. Our family is forever grateful for her expertise."

Diana M.

"Having a child with a disability or a delay can be challenging and requires patience to be able to guide, mentor and teach another. I remember when my son was a toddler it was difficult for people to understand some of the words my son would say when he would talk. His twin sister was able to understand his words and understand every word he would say and she would rephrase whatever statement he attempted to state so others could understand him.  I had a difficult time understanding some of his words at times. When my son was four years old, I decided it was time to get him some help. When the first speech therapist assessed my son, I felt as though she was just getting through with another task of her job. There was nothing personable about our interaction. She did not attempt to make me feel comfortable and there was no reassurance to help me understand what I felt, as though my child has a delay. I cried and felt horrible thinking my child was delayed and as if he would never get to where he is today through growth and development.
I switched locations and had my son was reassessed by another speech therapist, Suzan Sapir. I had a completely opposite reaction to how my son was viewed and she offered so much reassurance that she can help him step by step, strategy after strategy with his articulation and his to where he is now with speech. Suzan has really brought the best out of my son. I thought he was going to have this fear of not wanting to speak or talk to others during different interactions but he is very confident and comfortable talking to others and speaking to his classmates in school and during special programs. I have to thank Suzan for her kind, calm and showing interest and so much compassion and patience in what she does to help others. She makes it fun to the point where it doesn’t seem as though my son is just practicing different strategies for speech but she makes it a game for him to get involved and engage. I remember Suzan and my son would practice saying different words for his articulation in repetition while playing in the gym. My son would swing from a rope, climb up a rock wall or play board games and comparing and contrasting or whatever the goal was for that day. My son warmed up to Suzan so easily and he enjoyed going to see, “Mrs. Suzan”. Suzan has helped him become the confident young boy he is today. If it wasn’t for her, I think he would have struggled in school with his peers and he would have completely shut down and his behavior would have gone in another direction. I don’t think his confidence would be where it is now if it wasn’t for Suzan. Seven years later I would like to thank you Suzan for giving my son hope and the tools he needs to believe and have the confidence in his self with his speech."

Erica C.

"Suzan is an excellent speech therapist and we highly recommend her. Our son, at 20 months, barely had any words. Suzan worked with him for 8 months and now he won't stop talking! He is happier too. He loves books and is now able to recite his favorite lines, sing his favorite rhymes, and talk to himself and others. We cannot thank Suzan enough. She is good at what she does, she is kind and genuine, she took the time to explain things to us, and gave our son her undivided attention during his weekly one-hour sessions. Suzan gave us great tips on how to help our son advance in his speech and other areas of development. And she promptly returned phone calls and emails. Our sessions have ended, and we are grateful for all she has done. What a good person she is! I highly recommend Suzan as a speech therapist."

Carmen V.
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